Transparent Mini Lean to Greenhouse for Indoor Use

Looking for a transparent mini lean to greenhouse for indoor use? Look no further! We are a factory that specializes in producing high-quality greenhouses.
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1. Mini greenhouse : an introduction 
Delite Garden is proud to introduce you to its Mini greenhouse Series. Let's start with a quick overview of this range of tiny greenhouses.
What is a Mini greenhouse?

Mini greenhouses are green houses that you can fit indoor, and too small to walk-in. The mini green house range includes mini tunnels, mini Quonset greenhouses, but also 2 tier to 4tier greenhouses. They are designed to take very limited space, and easy to use. Their goal is to facilitate growing plants, flowers and vegetables at home. Also called Flower greenhouse or Pop up greenhouse, they are usually made of coated steel tubes, or just plain plastic tubes, and cover film. They usually feature an opening and can include shelves.
Why use a Flower greenhouse?
Mini greenhouse mostly protects against excess of cold, and prevents unwanted pests to damage or destroy crops, flowers and plants. Especially fit for seed-starting, they can create the right environment, even in winter. The second main reason to include Pop up greenhouse from China in your range, is that its size fits all. Particularly handy for gardeners and hobbyist in the cities. It can be placed on balconies, patios, backyards, and decks alike.
Can you grow all year round in a Pop up greenhouse?
You could, but whether the mini grow house is used for flowers, vegetables or just ornamental plants, the smaller models are mostly fit to seed-starting. However, with the right equipment, and settings, one could grow small crops of vegetables such as lettuce, peppers, peas etc…
In a nutshell, Delite Garden Mini greenhouse shelter against cold, prevents unwanted pests and retains moisture so it does not need watering. Each greenhouse is engineered to ensure durable and comfortable use. Our range offers specific greenhouse solutions to specific needs and markets.

2. Flower greenhouse : Product Specifications

Item Pop Up Greenhouse Portable Mini Greenhouse Growing Rack
Outer Dimensions
(L x W x H)
49 X 69 X 210cm
Structural Material Steel (Powder coated for surface)
Cover Material White / Green PE mesh fabric, 140g/m2
Tube Diameter 16mm
Tube Thickness 0.4mm
Door & Windows 1 roll-up zippered door
Carton size & weight Customized, minimum 1 carton
Qty of kits / 40ft container 450 pieces
 Transparent Mini Lean to Greenhouse for Indoor Use
Delite Flower greenhouse utilizes carefully selected tubes and fasteners. We guaranty that our structure will not fail your customers, or you! Each pop up greenhouse is easy to set up, and maintain. Each package includes mini greenhouse hardware and tools, instruction manual… everything is there to ensure that end-users enjoy setting up and using your products.

We know how after-sales can generate heavy added costs. This is why we have implemented strict control processes before / during and after pop up greenhouse manufacturing!

3. Walk-in Greenhouse manufacturing : see how it's done
Transparent Mini Lean to Greenhouse for Indoor Use
All our steel tubes come from the biggest steel factory in close proximity to the workshop.
All our greenhouse films come from reputable factories. We selected them and vetted them ourselves.
Each of our flower house manufacturing process starts from sheets of naval grade steel! And ends in neatly wrapped cartons that can get through the hardships of logistics.
The whole greenhouse manufacturing journey includes materials going through rollers, welding robots, hot dip galvanization baths, coating lines and more.

4. Flower House packaging
Transparent Mini Lean to Greenhouse for Indoor Use
Greenhouse manufacturing is one thing, but greenhouse packaging requires yet another set of skills. Each packaging contains labeled greenhouse parts and flowerhouse fasterners.
 - PROTECTING DURING TRANSPORT. After all, it's the core function of packaging. Delite Garden always pushes for better packaging solutions in order to protect green houses from dents, rust, and other damages.
 - GIVING THE BEST IMPRESSION. A great visual, clean, with correct English vocabulary and grammar is a MUST. We work hard to help you make the best of your mini greenhouse packaging. Whether it is color printing on the carton, or on a sticker.
 - MAKING IT EASY FOR CONSUMERS. Helping consumers gain efficiency when handling a new product is proactive thinking. All our 2 tier growhouse, mini tunnels or mini Quonset houses kits come with a user manual, marked tubes, or stickers to identify screws and parts. At Delite Garden, we make our Clients life easier.
 - PERFECT BALANCE between performance and price. Our packaging solutions developed over the years can be customized to your market's greenhouse hobbyists demands.

Take a look at one of the BEST FLOWER HOUSE MADE IN CHINA!

5. Why Delite mini greenhouses are the right choice?

Our mini greenhouse, or flower houses are cost-efficient, easy to set up greenhouses. If you are looking for quality greenhouse, affordable planthouse, and easy-to-maintain potting shed, Delite Garden is the right choice. We stand by the greenhouses we manufacture!
 - AFFORDABLE pop up greenhouse prices!
Each element that constitutes the green house is reviewed and assessed to reach the perfect balance between cost & quality. The result, a beautiful product, beautifully packed, at an affordable price.
 - QUALITY flower house, included spare parts!
To meet even the most demanding customer's requirements, we can adapt the tube's diameter, or thickness to meet your greenhouse market requirements. We genuinely understand that we need to step into your consumer's shoes to come up with the most durable planthouse.
 - EASY mini greenhouse imports. With Delite Supplies, we guarantee a no-bullshit, transparent, efficient relationship. Our people have decades of experience in the import-export processes in China. From RFQ to Shipment, we master the exporting process, share all needed information and papers in time.
 - SPECIALISTS of the greenhouse technologies!
Whether you need support in terms of materials, added-value technology, our team is available, a phone call away : +86 186 2191 2330. We will provide the tools to boost your communication with end-consumers, and increase your greenhouse market share. 

6. OEM pop up greenhouse: wholesale and retail

Buying greenhouses factory direct offers the possibility to CUSTOMIZE YOUR GREENHOUSE range. From tube section to screws and nuts, film and packaging style, Delite Garden team is willing and ready to tackle your challenges.

It is especially important for mini greenhouses. The grow house hobbyist perception is often based on looks and style.  

We all know what it takes to make a greenhouse GREAT! But few of us are able to genuinely dedicate the necessary resource to :
 - ENSURE PROFITABILITY of the greenhouses

                                                             Customization: OEM MINI GREENHOUSE

Dimensions (W x H) 40cm to 85cm x 40cm to 210cm
Length 49cm to 213cm
Door & Windows Roll-up zippered door and windows
Connectors PP plastic connector | steel screw | root screw | wind rope
Tube Coating Power coated
Tube Thickness 0.3mm | 0.4mm | 0.5mm
Tube Diameter 16mm | 19mm | 24mm
Cover Material PE mesh fabric | Nylon mesh | Transparent PVC | customized
Cover Thickness Customize according to your request

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We engineer and supervise manufacturing of greenhouses in China. We are involved at each step of the process. There is little to no delay, and are export-savvy. Most importantly, our team has been in contact with western business practices, and requirements in terms of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Q: Is your greenhouse price competitive with other companies?
A: As a greenhouse supplier, providing competitive wholesale prices is a MUST. Otherwise we would not have been able to secure any deals. We know that, as a foreign buyer, you are looking for the best greenhouse price! Especially when your distribution channel is focusing on online sales. We are willing to make an effort. As your motto states: Growing, Together!

Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time is usually around 35 days. However, some items may take less/more time. It depends on the complexity of your structure, greenhouse materials used as well as greenhouse packaging.

Q: Can you provide greenhouse sample before order?
A: Absolutely. You just need to provide us with the reference of the product, and we'll follow up right away.

Q: How do you ensure that greenhouse quality is good?
A: Our team includes a Quality Department that functions independently from Sales Department. We conduct random inspections on each and every batch of products. Our inspectors are knowledgeable and can spot defects at each stage of the production. Plus, if required, we can send you pictures of your order during and after production. We also have a container loading process that will definitely reassure you!

Q: How do you protect items from damage during transport?
A: From small greenhouse to large greenhouses, we pack them with the utmost care. We make sure that cartons are thick and strong enough. Parts are tightly strapped so they don't get damaged during shipment from China.

Q: Is it easy for customers to install your greenhouse?
A: Yes. Delite Garden greenhouses are all engineered to be easy to set up. Plus, all our greenhouses are exported from China with a complete set of fasteners, tools and instruction sheet!
Your greenhouse business is located in a non-English speaking country? Not a problem, we help you translate the instructions sheet!

Q: Do you have warranty for your greenhouses?
A: Yes. We have a 10-year warranty on some structures and 5-year warranty on specific greenhouse poly cover.
Feel free to contact us for more information  

Q: How do you process complaints and defects after delivery?
A: Delite Garden stands behind its products. It is only natural for us to implement a professional after-sales service. We know that 100% perfection does not exist. We are ready, and willing to take responsibility for defects, missing products, and other issues that may arise. We have a process in place that allows our client to provide proofs and get rebates, replacements etc…

Q: What is the payment term?
A: Delite Garden usually works with T/T, we also work under L/C with loyal clients. Feel free to ask us for more information about InCoTerms.

Q: Do you customize greenhouses?
A: Yes. Delite Garden is OEM/ODM available. Our engineers will absolutely try their best to help you customize greenhouses that suits your target market and customers.

Q: Can you develop greenhouse prototype in China? 
A: Absolutely. One of our core strengths is that we have the resources to develop a completely new greenhouse shape and structure. Whether you need a small greenhouse or big greenhouse for backyards or retail business, just contact us here!

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